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Biotron Limited (Biotron) is leading the way in the development of revolutionary new treatments for serious viral diseases with significant unmet medical need.  Biotron has an impressive pipeline of programs developing first-in-class antiviral drugs.

The Company’s lead drug BIT225 is in clinical development for both HIV-1 and Hepatitis C virus (HCV).

BIT225 has generated early proof-of-concept data in clinical trials with demonstrated activity against both HCV and HIV-1.  It is a pan-genotypic drug that offers significant potential as a new class of oral direct-acting antiviral (DAA) drug for HCV.  It is being positioned to fill significant treatment gaps that remain despite recent advances in this field, in particular for HCV genotype 3.

BIT225 is also in development for treatment of HIV-1, and represents a first-in-class opportunity to target the HIV virus in macrophage reservoir cells where, until now, the virus has been able to ‘hide’ from current drug therapies.  These cells continually produce low level virus, even in patients on treatment with antiretroviral drugs (cART).  It has shown clinical efficacy against HIV in reservoir cells, and has the potential to be combined with other antiretroviral drugs to eradicate long-lived pools of virus that are not eliminated with current treatments.  Clinical data has also suggested that BIT225 may have an immune-modulatory effect in patients receiving cART.

In addition to its clinical development programs for BIT225, Biotron is developing next generation inhibitors for its HIV-1 and HCV programs.

The Company also has several earlier stage preclinical research programs for other viral infections including Dengue.


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