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Biotron Limited (Biotron) is leading the way in the development of revolutionary new treatments for serious viral diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C virus (HCV). Biotron has an impressive pipeline of clinical programs developing first-in-class antiviral drugs.

Biotron’s lead drug, BIT225, is a viroporin inhibitor in clinical development for treatment of HCV and HIV, as well as the hard to treat HIV/HCV co-infected population. It has shown good anti-HCV activity in clinical trials to date, improving the outcome in patients with hard-to-treat genotype 1 HCV infection undergoing treatment with current approved therapy of interferon and ribavirin (100% receiving BIT225 (400mg) plus IFN/RBV were virus-free at 48 weeks, compared to 75% who received only IFN/RBV).

Preliminary results from the Phase 1b/2a HIV trial completed in late 2012 demonstrated that BIT225 targets HIV replication in monocyte cells in treated patients, significantly reducing virus levels in these cells. Patients enrolled in the study were HIV-infected, with high levels of virus and good CD4+ T cell counts. None had previously received treatment with anti-retroviral drugs. These results validate Biotron’s novel approach to tackling HIV; targeting the virus reservoir, and positions BIT225 as having potential utility in future eradication strategies.

Due to BIT225’s dual activity against HIV and HCV it is uniquely placed as a potential treatment in HIV/HCV co-infected patients. An interim analysis of 12 week data from the recently completed Phase 2 trial of BIT225 in HIV/HCV co-infected patients demonstrated that BIT225 enhanced anti-HCV activity of IFN/RBV in co-infected HIV-1/HCV genotype 3 patients.

Biotron has early-stage programs addressing other viral diseases including Dengue virus.


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